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Lista de Abreviaturas de Músicas do Bon Jovi

ALW Always
BCOLY Bad Case of Lovin' You/Robert Palmer
BLM Blood Money
BM Bad Medicine
BN You Give Love A Bad Name
BOB Blood on Blood
BOG Blaze of Glory
BOR Bed of Roses
BPL BrokenPromiseLand
BTBMB Born To Be My Baby
BUL Bullet
CC Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen From Mars
COL Chapel Of Love/The Dixie Cups
DC Dry County
DR Diamond Ring
GAO Glad All Over/The Dave Clark Five
GL Garageland
GR Get Ready
HALLE Hallelujah/Leonard Cohen
HAND Have a Nice Day
HG Hey God
HL Hot Legs/Rod Stewart
HN Happy Now
HT Homebound Train
IB I Believe
IBTFY I'll Be There For You
IDFY I'd Die For You
IDLM I Don't Like Monday's/The Boomtown Rats
IGTG I Got The Girl
IHLYG (It's Hard) Letting You Go
ILTT I Love This Town
IML Its My Life
ITA In These Arms
JJF Jumpin' Jack Flash/The Rolling Stones
JO Just Older
KTF Keep The Faith
LFS Love For Sale
LH Lost Highway
LIR Let It Rock
LIS Living in Sin
LMS Last Man Standing
LOAP Livin on a Prayer
LOTR Love's The Only Rule
M4OJ Miss 4th Of July
MAM Make a Memory
NA No Apologies
NFA Not Fade Away/Rolling Stones
NSG Never Say Goodbye
OAN Open All Night/Bounce
OL Only Lonely
OTRNR Old Time Rock N Roll/Bob Seger
PIB Paint it Black/The Rolling Stones
PW (Oh) Pretty Woman/Roy Orbison
RADIO/RSMLT Radio Saved My Life Tonight
RAOTW Rockin' All Over The World/John Fogerty
RHB Road House Blues/The Doors
ROU Roulette
RUN Runaway
RYH Raise Your Hands
SB Mama's Got a Squeezebox/The Who
SF Santa Fe
SFTD Sympathy for the Devil/The Rolling Stones
SFTP Something For The Pain
SHOUT Shout/The Isley Brothers/Otis Day & The Knights
SIBSN Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
SMU Start Me Up/The Rolling Stones
SOML Story of My Life
ST Superman Tonight
STBI Something to Believe In
STTH Shot Through The Heart
SUM Summertime
SWID Sleep When I'm Dead
T&S Twist & Shout
TD These Days
THR Treat Her Right/Roy Head and The Traits
TIMS Thorn In My Side
TLN The Last Night
TR Tokyo Road
WDOA Wanted Dead or Alive
WDYG What Do You Got
WFTWM Work For The Working Man
WGIGO We Got It Going On
WITS Wild in the Streets
WITW Wild Is the Wind
WLOL Whole Lot of Leavin
WSYCGH Who Says You Can't Go Home
WWBTF We Weren't Born to Follow
WWWB When We Were Beautiful


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